Fährhaus Sylt Hotel and Restaurant Jörg Müller Hotel Louis C. Jacob Süllberg Hamburg Hotel Palace Berlin Schlosshotel Münchhausen Steinheuers Zur Alten Post Hotel Kronenschlösschen Waldhotel Sonnora RÜSSELs Landhaus Hotel Restaurant zur Krone Landhotel Birkenhof Burg Staufeneck Hotel Sackmann Hotel-Restaurant Adler Hotel Königshof Colombi Hotel Schwarzer Adler Landhaus Bacher Restaurant Pfefferschiff zu Söllheim Restaurant & Hotel Obauer Burg Vital Resort Chalet Hotel Ahorn Hotel Castel

Our Residences

Fährhaus Sylt

Head Chef Markus Gerlach’s culinary art enthuses diners in the gourmet restaurant Fährhaus...

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Hotel and Restaurant Jörg Müller

His cuisine, served in the elegant restaurant Jörg Müller, combines the traditions of his native Baden as well as of his adopted...

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Hotel Louis C. Jacob

Chef de cuisine is Thomas Martin; he and his brigade of 30 are responsible for the culinary experience...

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Süllberg Hamburg

The history of the Süllberg can be traced back to 1060, when a first fortress was built on the 75m high elevation...

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Hotel Palace Berlin

The gourmet restaurant ‘first floor’ is rated as one of the best locations for gourmets in the whole...

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Hotel Deimann

In 4 generations, the old manor was transformed into the only 5-star-hotel of the Sauerland region.

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Steinheuers Zur Alten Post

Steinheuers Restaurant Zur Alten Post, part of what was a typical German small country inn, is situated at the...

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Hotel Kronenschlösschen

The Kronenschlösschen, one of Germany's most beautiful country hotels, is located in a private park overlooking the Rhine.

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RÜSSELs Landhaus

Ruth and Harald Rüssel put a fresh spin on modern German cuisine. The chef attaches great importance to the highest quality produce...

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Hotel Restaurant zur Krone

The skill of the chef Karl-Emil Kuntz is as impressive as the abundance of creations that spring from his culinary ingenuity...

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Landhotel Birkenhof

The hotel is beautifully situated in the midst of the Upper Palatinate lake district in Bavaria...

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Hotel Erbprinz

What makes the Erbprinz so special? On the one hand, it is a luxury hotel in ettlingen with a 5 Star Superior rating...

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Burg Staufeneck

Highlights on the menu are his Mediterranean interpretations of Swabian specialities like the exquisite...

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Hotel Sackmann

In his elegant Restaurant with its excellent cuisine he enchants his guests with his serene Mediterranean style, inspiring them with its...

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Hotel-Restaurant Adler

The heart of the Adler is the multi-awarded culinary art of Otto Fehrenbacher and his son Daniel, who is now the fourth...

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Schwarzer Adler

Our local cuisine and French cuisine are equally well represented in the kitchen of our restaurant „Schwarzer Adler“. The combination...

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Colombi Hotel

The Colombi Hotel is one of the few owner-run luxury city hotels. It is situated close to the scenic...

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Hotel Berlins KroneLamm

The Family owned 4****s wellness hotel is located in the nature park Northern Black Forest

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Hotel Königshof by Geisel

The fine dining restaurant in the Hotel Königshof in Munich is one of the best and most beautiful hotel...

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Landhaus Bacher

For over 30 years the Landhaus Bacher Hotel has been a culinary shrine visited by pilgrims from all over...

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Pfefferschiff zu Söllheim

Built as rectory in 1648, the Pfefferschiff has been known for years as one of the most reliable venues for gourmets in Salzburg...

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Restaurant & Hotel Obauer

Karl and Rudolf Obauer’s distinctive culinary style is famous for its constant search for the absolute...

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Burg Vital Resort

The Burg Vital Resort’s location is unique: a sunny plateau, raised more than 1700m above sea level at the centre of the...

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Hotel Castel

The culinary creativity in the rest- aurant ‘Trenkerstube’ is charac- terised by freshness and the perfect harmony of the...

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 30 years of L’Art de Vivre

Dear guests and friends,

as the new president of L’Art de Vivre it is a pleasure for me to welcome you this year. L’Art de Vivre continues the tradition of our founder Wolf von Hornstein – that of great culinary experience, enjoyment of food and hospitality. We have redesigned the 2018 guide (download) with the aim to demonstrate freshness, piquancy and sweetness – three of the many pleasures of the palate. You will, of course, enjoy these experiences at all of our hotels.

We have gained four new members to our group from the island of Sylt to Munich via Austria to South Tyrol. They are traditional, family-run hotels and restaurants that offer hospitality at the highest level throughout the geographical regions where German is spoken.

The aim the friends of l’Art de Vivre is simply to enjoy life together. Our members experience special amenities with unique epicurean moments – equally for couples or for circles of friends.

Our members have long been following the route of pleasure and have always experienced how difficult it is to encounter like-minded people with whom to enjoy a terrific menu.

You will find in our guide not only copious information about our member hotels but also some rather special additional recommendations; for example, this year we have added a selection of museums, galleries and art shows nearby our Art de Vivre houses. Meanwhile, the charming surrounding landscapes enhance a pleasant stay in every way.

Does this attract your attention? Are you already a member of Art de Vivre?

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our residences.

Hans Stefan Steinheuer



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